The Thermaloc®System provides world class insulation to your home.
Thermaloc®is affordable, low energy and sustainable.

01 Who we Are

The Weeks Group is an Australian owned and operated group of companies established in South Australia by Kevin Weeks. The Weeks Group has over 30 years experience in building residential homes and manufacturing steel framing products for the Australian residential and commercial construction industry.

The success of Weeks Group is underpinned by the evolution and manufacture of Supaloc®, arguably the World's best steel framing system, the result of Kevin Weeks' vision and many years of testing and innovation. Following almost four years of technical development, Weeks Group released the Thermaloc® insulation

system to the South Australian market in November 2011, which provided a revolutionary new building material that will change the thermal and acoustic performance for residential housing.

Thermaloc®is a structural building system that combines the strength of Supaloc steel framing with the outstanding thermal properties of rigid cellular insulation. It is an affordable, high performance building technology that delivers proven results in premium, low energy, sustainable homes. Thermaloc®is engineered using a patented manufacturing process, which guarantees the quality of our framing and insulation system.

Thermaloc Flooring On-Site
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Top of the list is the energy bill savings you get using Thermaloc. It's incredible.

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02 The Benefits

Building a home with Thermaloc®will ensure that your house benefits from the structural qualities of a steel frame as well as an insulating medium that has absolutely no cavities or gaps.

Alternative insulation methods cannot achieve the quality or consistency that is made possible by the Thermaloc®pre-insulated technology.

In plain terms, this means that you will need substantially less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your Thermaloc®home.

You and your family can enjoy the comfort of your home secure in the knowledge that your Thermaloc®building system is working hard to reduce your energy consumption all year round.

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Thermaloc Flooring When moulded into the Supaloc® frames, the insulating material absorbs sound reverberation, providing an enhanced level of acoustic comfort in your home.
Thermaloc® rigid cellular insulation provides superior acoustic & thermal performance. Supaloc Steel flooring is 100% impervious to termites and borers
Thermaloc Wall Insulation To achieve a similar level of performance, a steel frame filled with traditional batt insulation would need to be at least 320mm wide and contain batt insulation with a thermal performance value of R8.0
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Is Thermaloc®Pest Free?

Discovering termites in your home is a very real threat; one that can cause both emotional and financial heartache. Supaloc® steel frames, are 100% termite proof. No if, buts or maybes. When it comes to structural integrity and termite resistance in your home there is no safer option than Supaloc® steel framing.

Additional threats to housing include rodent infestation. To further protect your home the application of fibre cement sheeting to the base of the Thermaloc® elevated flooring system prevents rodents and other pests from penetrating your living environment.

No More Insulation Gaps

One of the key benefits of the Thermaloc®system is the significant reduction in “drumming” When molded into the Supaloc frames, the insulating material absorbs sound reverberation, providing an enhanced level of acoustic comfort in your home.

The Thermaloc®pre-insulation manufacturing technology guarantees 100% optimum performance for the life of your home. Unlike fibre batts insulation, which compresses over time, leaving gaps.

03 Performance

When building a home, there are many elements that contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. These elements are collated and modelled by software, such as AccuRate, which gives the overall star rating for energy efficiency for a given design in a given location.

One of the most important elements of design in an energy efficient house is the value of the insulation provided by the building components. Building materials are given an R-value to show how they perform in terms of thermal resistance, the measurement for insulation. The higher the R-value,  the greater the performance of the insulation.

Summer Household Temperature :Degrees celcius

Annual Electricity Use :kWhrs / per unit area

Thermaloc R-Values

Thermaloc 115mm External Wall (inc. fibre cement sheet, plasterboard, etc)
R 3.35
Thermaloc 115mm Internal Ceiling (inc. Colorbond roof, plasterboard, etc)
R 3.67
Thermaloc 200mm Floor (includes particle board)
R 6.57

The Thermaloc external wall, ceiling and floor, when combined with the other materials necessary to finish construction in a domestic dwelling have extremely high R-values.

When you consider that a standard transportable building with no floor insulation would have an R-value of around 1.16, the Thermaloc statistics are extremely impressive.

*  inclusive of 600mm FFL, unventilated enclosed space, 1 layer of 22mm particle board
* *  inclusive of R 2.0 batts, 6.5mm E-Therm, 10mm plasterboard, FC cladding
* * *  inclusive of R 3.5 batts, light coloured metal roof, unventilated roof space, 10mm plasterboard

04 Thermaloc & Fire.

In the event of fire, insulation materials and structural members are protected by both the internal and external lining materials. During the first stage of fire development, as the temperature within the wall cavity reaches 100°C, the Thermaloc® rigid cellular insulation will not ignite or maintain a flame due to the presence of fire retardant. Instead, it will begin to soften and shrink away from the heat source. It will not burn at this temperature and there will be no impact to the structural Supaloc® steel frame component.

During the phase of rapid fire development, the flash over point, it is interesting to note that timber will self ignite at about 340°C. The Supaloc® steel frame component will retain its structural integrity to 400 - 500°C, surpassing timber performance. At these temperatures, the RCI used in Thermaloc® will liquefy, but not ignite until approximately 450°C. When burning, the RCI liquid releases less toxic gases than natural materials like wood, wool and cork. The time to save people within a residential fire is limited to the first stage of a fire and this is independent of any insulation or building material utilized in the building method.

The material used in the manufacture of the Thermaloc® rigid cellular insulation contains a specialized fire retardant additive (max. 0.5 %) specifically for use in construction applications. This is the fire retardant hexabromocyclododecan (HBCD).

HBCD is a cyclo-aliphatic organobromine compound and does not form any toxic dioxins and furanes during combustion. This was concluded by the German Ministry for the Environment in 1990.

They found that HBCD is not a source for the buildup of polybromodibenzofuranes and dioxins, which was corroborated by a study in 1992 by the German Freseniusl Institute. Also, as HBCD is insoluble in water, there is therefore no risk due to migration to water.

Thermaloc® has conducted its own fire testing and established that Supaloc® steel framing and Thermaloc® RCI responds in the manner outlined in this document.
DVD footage of this testing is available to view; please speak to your Thermaloc® Building Consultant.

05 Thermaloc EPS Panels


Thermaloc®EPS panels are strong, solid and won't break down or collapse.

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